Daily Currents Affairs 1-2 January 2020

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  • Aditya is a programme by ISRO to study- SUN
  • In December 2019 the central government platform,My gov has reached _____________ registered users. 1 Crore.
  • The RBI direct large co-operative banks to report exposure above _________________ to the central repository of information on large Credits(CRILC).
  • Which organisation manages MyGov app National Information Centre.
  • Which of the following bank has launch OTP based cash withdrawl at all its ATM from Jan 1-2020- SBI
  • JF-17 fighter jets have been recently rolled out in which country Pakistan
  • Who was conferred with American Academy of Opthalmology (AAO) highest award life time achievement honour. Santosh G Honavar
  • The 102nd annual conference of Indian Association was being held in which Indian city Raipur
  • Statue of Arun Jaitley was recently inaugrated in which state . Bihar
  • Finance minister unveils plan for Rs 102 Lakh Crore infrastructure project-(2024-2025)) for 18 States.
  • Rail Price Hike- ordinary non ac– 1Paisa/K.M Express 2 Paisa/K.M A.C 4Piasa/K.M
  • Swachh 2020 table lead by- Big City Indore and Small City Jamshedpur.
  • Military affairs department head- K.K Rawat
  • Launch of visit Nepal 2020 attended by – Prahlad Patel
  • World Blitz tournament won by – Carlsen(Norway)
  • ESPN Cricinfo team of decades captain M.S Dhoni and for Test match captain Virat Kohli
  • State becomes first state to pass anti caa resolution- Kerala (Chief Minister P . Vijayan)
  • Protem Speaker for 5th Jharkhand assembly – Stephen Marandi.

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